Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pull up those Thongs

Some people think Thongs are "dental floss." My mother use to tell me that not everything in fashion is for me. After seeing these images. I have to agree.


Bill said...

Well the bottom picture isn't bad. LoL! No pun intended. :-) I think. She's kinda cute from the backside. Ohhhhh! Dang! did I type that out loud? LoL :-) sorry just havin fun. ;-) Lol my Shirley is laughing at me.. heh.

Anonymous said...

thongs are ok. its possible that thongs will be the next bikini. all thongs really do is give me a better view. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thongs show off way too much, especially if the wearer also wears low-rise jeans... Those images remind me of Weird Al's Song "Please Don't Wear That Thong" parody of the "thong song"